My Projects

Pokéwalker Emulator

My work-in-progress attempt at emulating the Pokéwalker with support for linking with Pokémon HGSS. Has a built-in memory viewer.


Tons of essential information about the PW. Also created a PalmOS app for dumping the PW's ROM and EEPROM, among other things. The PalmOS app fully worked except for the ability to dump the PW. However, other people seem to have gotten that to work.
PoroCYon's dumper for DSi
Another dumper for the PW's ROM and EEPROM, this time using a DSi and a Pokémon HGSS/BW/BW2 cartridge. This method of dumping the PW worked for me using a 3DS.
Pokewalker Hacking Discord server
A server for discussion on reverse engineering the Pokewalker.

The name Chip-8 written in white over a black background. OctoChip-8

A Chip-8 emulator for Windows and Nintendo 3DS