Hi! Welcome to my site. I enjoy learning about the inner workings of obscure Nintendo hardware. You probably wont find much in the way of bright, flashy graphics like you can on some other people's personal websites. As much as I admire the work those people put in to make their sites look so amazing, I usually get overwhelmed trying to navigate a site with so many links and objects all over the place. This site will prioritize having a clear structure with easy to navigate pages. Make sure to stop by the guestbook on your way out. :)

About me:

I'm Octo (she/her). Most of my programming is done in C++, Python, and Java. My favorite games include Splatoon, Pokémon (where are my gen 5 fans at?), and Zelda. I can also be found playing Dungeons and Dragons. If you're looking for song recommendations, I must suggest listening to the Electric Light Orchestra's album Eldorado.

You won't find me active much on social media. It's just never been my thing. My role models in making this site have been all the other small websites I've seen still floating around on the internet in 2023. It's a huge shame that the creativity and uniqueness of individual websites has been taken over by large social media platforms. This site is much more fun and personal to me than any social media account, because here I can do whatever I want within the bounds of web design. That being said, the main reason why I started this website was because I was hit with that painfully familiar burst of motivation to start a new project and obsessively fixtate on it for a short period of time before leaving it in an incomplete state. Only you, future reader, will know if this site avoided that fate. :P

Messages are always welcome at unwokenocto@gmail.com!

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Update log:


  • Created two new sections in the Interesting Links page: Tools and Other Sites.
  • Added a few new links to the Interesting Links page.
  • 2023/10/18

    • Moved the Interesting Links list to its own page to provide more space for categorizing the links.
    • Moved around many site files and refactored the CSS. Changes should not be visible on the site; please let me know if anything has broken.


    • Added a link to the Pokewalker Hacking Discord server on the Projects page


    • Added a small box underneath my status listing the games that I'm currently playing
    • Added a site to the Interesting Links list


    • Made the update log a scrollable box
    • Added a sitemap


    • New blog post: A Review of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    • Addition of this update log to the home page
    • Changed the file structure of blog posts, putting each post in its own date folder instead of all blog pages being in one folder
    • Updated the intro at the top of the home page to add a tidbit about how I will prioritize ease of navigation over creating a beautiful website